How to Achieve the Best Outcomes in Shrink Packaging

FPS-How to Achieve the Best Outcomes in Shrink Packaging2

Shrink wrapping is a cost-effective solution for product packaging. It can be used for singular products or bulk cases. It’s a way to keep everything properly contained for shipping while having a clear plastic coating for retail visibility. 

When to Consider Automation

Shrink wrapping one package at a time is not an ideal option. It is an inefficient process that takes time, money, and labor away from other important tasks on the packaging line. This is especially true when a manufacturer has a large number of packages that need to be shrink wrapped. This is when it makes sense to use an automatic or semiautomatic shrink wrapping machine.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Machines

Today’s shrink wrapping machines can automate the shrink wrapping process to minimize labor costs and maximize production output. Automated shrink wrapping equipment is reliable and effective. You can achieve a higher quality of wrap with minimal oversight. The right system can also save you a significant amount of money over time. Most machines pay for themselves in a relatively short period.

Here are some of the key benefits of automated shrink wrapping machines:

Efficiency—Automate the shrink wrapping process to improve your operational efficiency.

Accuracy—Attain the best shrink wrapping results and minimize the risks of human error.

Consistency—Achieve consistent shrink wrapping results for every package on the line.

Safety—Shrink wrapping machines are extremely safe to operate and easy to program.

Types of Shrink Wrapping Machines

With several types of shrink wrapping machines available, select the best equipment based on your production needs and budget.

Automatic—If you have medium to high quantities of packages that require shrink wrapping, you should consider a fully automated shrink wrapping machine. These are designed to handle high volumes and provide the most cost-efficiency. They can be configured manually or automatically, and they can handle a variety of different package types and sizes with minimal oversight. All aspects of product grouping, bundle forming, and heat shrinking the wrap can be completely automated.

Semiautomatic—For smaller production lines and lower budgets, a semiautomatic shrink wrapping machine may suffice. This may require more oversight and manual control, but it will save you substantial time and money compared to a fully manual setup.

Tunnels—Many shrink tunnel options can dramatically streamline a product packaging line. A tunnel allows the packages to be fed in succession as the bundling and shrink wrapping processes are completed efficiently.

Shrink Bundling—If you have a high quantity of packages that need to be bundled, a shrink bundling machine may be your answer for automation, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

Find the Right Packaging Solutions

First Packaging Systems offers a variety of shrink wrapping machines, tunnels, and shrink bundling equipment from leading manufacturers like Conflex, Eastey, Texwrap, and Kallfass. To learn more about the advantages of shrink wrapping machines and find the best solution for your product packaging or shipping operation, contact FPS today.