Our Materials Cover Any Need

While we feature a variety of products from several top suppliers, our focus is always about meeting your specific needs with the highest quality materials.

This means if you purchase anything from us, you can trust the invoice and the product to always match up – always.

Cushioning & Void Fill

Never settle for less than the best, at the most reasonable prices.
Sometimes a cookie-cutter solution isn’t what you need. That’s why we offer customized solutions to meet your specific challenges. With our industry expertise, we create a specialized response that’s “out of the box”, not something from the box off the shelf.

What’s your biggest challenge? Let us know. We specialize in creatively solving even the most difficult business problems.

Give us a call today and see for yourself. You’re always first with us.
When it comes to loose fill, your options are vast, but your best solution isn’t always obvious. Peanuts, paper, bubble wrap, and tissue are on the menu, but choose wrong and your products, productivity, and ROI could all suffer.

To help you weigh your options and evaluate your best available choices for loose void fill, give us a call first. Not only do we have the products, but we also provide the insight to ensure you always use the right loose fill to protect your products while optimizing profitability.
Poly foam provides increased protection compared to paper or peanuts. Not only is it waterproof, but it also comes in rolls with a variety of thicknesses.

As you probably guessed, the thicker the foam, the more cushioning provided. However, thicker foams also mean less conforming capabilities for irregularly shaped objects. Give us a call and we can help you make the right choice with only a few questions.
Larger volume packaging and shipping solutions tend to prefer Air Bags and Pillows, which are lighter and more economical because they store flat and can be inflated with air and sealed to form a protective pillow. These can be customized by shape and size and can fill large amounts of space with the bare minimum of material and weight.

If you need air bags and pillows for void fill, give us a call today. We can help you choose the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

Tape & Adhesives

No matter what you’re looking for, we have the tape, sealing, and adhesive supplies you need.

We offer a variety of case-sealing tapes and adhesives, ensuring you have everything you need to wrap things up at the end of your production line.

Options include polyester or polypropylene backings, and rubber or acrylic adhesives to serve every possible box type or size, regardless of the contents, handling requirements or storage conditions. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, retail, food, beverage, or electronics industries, we have the expertise and supplies to meet your needs. We never substitute or sacrifice quality. Just the right supplies at the right time for the best price.
We offer a huge selection of the best industrial tapes on the market today, in a variety of widths, lengths, and specialty features.

Some types of industrial tapes we carry include:
● Pressure-sensitive tape
● Carton-sealing tape
● Custom printed tape
● Tamper evident security tape
● Double coated tape
● Splicing tape
● Duct tape
● Foam tape
● Filament tape
● Masking tape
● Adhesive transfer tape
● Label protection tape

Don’t see what you need on this list? Give us a call. We take pride in helping our customers find the perfect solution to any packaging need.
For exceptionally strong adhesion strength, flexibility, and performance, we offer a variety of Hot Melt Adhesives.

These synthetic rubber tapes are ideal for packaging products that require refrigeration or need to be stored and warehoused for long periods of time. Also perfect for high humidity storage or transportation, or for heavy-duty packaging options due to high peeling adhesion qualities and high shear values.

Need Hot Melt Adhesive Tapes? Call us first. We’ve got you covered.

Corrugated & Paperboard Packaging

Need something specific? Let us help. We offer a wide variety of products.

There’s more to providing a quality shipping case than matching the thickness, height, width, and length requirements of the contents. But we do that, too. For shipping cases that match your specs and adhere to your standards, turn to us first. We always use the highest quality materials while prioritizing affordability to ensure your profitability is maximized.

Need something printed on the box? No problem. We can handle that.

Need something customized? We’re glad you asked.

No matter what your shipping-case needs may be, be sure to call us first. You’ll be glad you did.
Your product launch or sales promotion rises and falls on product placement. What better way to make your product stand out than with a gorgeous, attention-grabbing display?

If your product needs include a corrugated retail point-of-sale display, be sure to call us. Not only can we create the display itself, but we can also help design, print and package everything so it’s ready for launch day. We also provide step-by-step “How To” instructions so your display is quick and easy to build. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to displaying your products at the retail level. Call us first and we’ll help find a solution that’s a perfect fit for your needs.
This packaging option uses a lower-caliper paperboard material that’s designed for lightweight products. They’re especially useful for customized packaging options to fit products by varying types and sizes.

Another benefit of folding cartons is the ability to use the printing area to optimize branding and take advantage of on-the-shelf brand marketing opportunities.

If you’re in need of folding cartons, be sure to call us first. We can provide customized folding cartons designed to integrate with your automated product packaging systems.
When you need to quickly and efficiently load and transport products without using pallets, slip sheets are the answer. Slip sheets are used in place of wooden pallets for shipping and storing products like bags of ice or pet food, and can also be used to easily slide or lift appliances.

Whether you need corrugated cardboard or solid-board grades, we have the slip sheets you need. We can even recommend the right slip sheets to correspond to your production environment and supply-chain requirements.

If you’re looking to lower your shipping costs and reduce your carbon footprint, slip sheets are a great alternative to heavy wooden pallets.

Need anti-slip or moisture-resistant coatings? No problem. We’ve got that, too. For all your slip sheet needs, call us first.

Custom Films & Bags

Our film and bag products are available in a wide range of sizes, thickness and styles.

Shrink Film

For all your packaging protection needs, we’ve got the film you’re looking for.