Get Strapped—6 Advantages of Automated Strapping Machines


Depending on the products and packaging, stretch-wrapping may not be the cost-effective solution your production needs. In many cases, straps will be more effective for keeping your packages tightly packed together on pallets or in shipping bundles, although some bundles may call for both strapping and wrapping. In addition, quality strapping helps to keep heavy packages from shifting around during transport to prevent loss and damage. 

Automated strapping machines are the dependable solution, increasing your packaging efficiency and minimizing labor expenses. This advanced equipment offers more control and consistency. Here are six of the best advantages of automated strapping equipment, according to our packaging experts at First Packaging Systems:

  • Efficiency

Naturally, an automated strapping machine will give you a more efficient packaging operation. Sizes and strap settings can be pre-set or easily adjusted based on the specific bundle or pallet. Then, the machine will do the work for you with minimal oversight.

  • Accuracy and Consistency

Another significant advantage of strapping equipment is that they produce accurate and consistent results from package to package, which isn’t the case with hand-strapping or other hand-wrapping processes. This equipment efficiently and effectively straps large quantities of packages.

  • Safety

Automated strapping machines are safe and easy to operate with minimal oversight. They can help eliminate employee injury concerns that can come with hand packaging techniques. 

  • Reduced Labor Costs

Although automated strapping equipment is a significant investment, you will save money over time by reducing your labor costs. Time saved allows you to focus on more critical projects and reduces the need for a large packaging staff.

  • Productivity

Suppose you are dealing with a large number of packages and pallets. In this case, automated equipment like strapping machines will boost your overall productivity by making the strapping process much more efficient.

  • Product Protection

Quality, consistent strapping will protect your packaged products. There will be less shifting around during transit, and tighter bundles can help prevent costly product loss and damages.

Types of Automated Strapping Machines

There are two main types of automated strapping machines:

Table-Top Strapping Machine
Table-top strapping machines are ideal for smaller package bundles. They feature lockable casters, adjustable legs and variable height settings. The equipment is simple to use and can handle a wide variety of machine-grade poly strapping. Table-top machines are available in either semiautomatic or fully automatic configurations.

Arch Strapping Machine
Fully automated, large-scale strapping machines, ideal for bulk printing, mailing, package bundling, pallet bundling, and other applications. Apply different strap widths and other settings customized for each package to achieve higher throughput with minimal maintenance and employee oversight.

Strapping Machine Manufacturers

At FPS, our goal is to connect our customers with the best automation equipment and custom packaging systems. We’ll help you select, configure, install, and maintain the ideal automated strapping machine for your specific packaging applications. We work with two of the world’s leading strapping machine manufacturers, Strapack and Polychem. We’ll make sure you get the perfect equipment for the job.

To learn more about automated strapping equipment, packaging materials, and efficiency-boosting packaging solutions, contact First Packaging Systems!