Why You Should Always Keep Extra Packaging Supplies in Stock

FPS-Why You Should Always Keep Extra Packaging Supplies in Stock2

When you are running a business, it’s always important to keep certain supplies in stock. When you have a large-scale product packaging facility as part of your business, it’s absolutely critical to have everything you need on hand. 

What Are You Packaging?

Some packaging materials are needed on an all-day, everyday basis. These may include boxes, tape, glue, retail product packaging, bulk product straps, stretch wrap film, shipping supplies, padding, void fill materials, etc. It depends on what you are packaging and how you are packaging it. You may have hundreds of the same products and cases coming down the line each day, which makes your packaging supply list consistent and predictable. It’s easier to anticipate what you need, how much you need, and when you need it.

This kind of consistency and predictability isn’t always the case at most packaging facilities. In fact, many packaging systems are designed around different variables. You may be packaging one product one day and another product the next. Your automated equipment is dialed in to account for different size boxes, pallets, and bundles. 

Stocking the Necessary Packaging Supplies

Whichever scenario best describes your packaging center, you must keep the necessary packaging supplies and materials in stock, not just enough bubble to sustain you through exactly one day, one week, or even one month. You should have extra available at all times. Running out of a particular packaging material or retail packaging supply can bring your operation to a grinding halt—usually at the most inconvenient time. There’s nothing worse than running low on product packaging supplies. It causes production to slow down. You might even have to stop certain processes altogether until you order and receive new materials.

In addition to production efficiency, buying more packaging materials at wholesale prices results in a more cost-effective operation. You’ll save precious time and money when you are prepared and fully stocked.

How Do I Keep My Packaging Materials Fully Stocked?

How do you ensure you never run out of retail packaging supplies? First, you find a reliable supplier like First Packaging Systems. A good packaging material supplier manages your stock and proactively supplies you with what you need before you actually need to use it.

That last point is important. Receive what you need ahead of time. You already know what packaging supplies are required for your products, storage, shipping, distribution, and retail displays. You know how much of everything you need based on different products and quantities being packaged on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The important step is to be as proactive as possible. Anticipate when new supplies will be needed and purchase them in advance.

If you form, pack, and seal 10,000 12″ x 12″ x 12″ corrugated cardboard boxes every week, you know the necessary quantities. You can purchase boxes, tape, or hot melt glue to seal them, the product packaging that goes inside, and the cushioning or void fill materials used to protect the products. Don’t wait until your supplies get dangerously low. Restock regularly and never run out of what you need.

It may be trickier when you have more variables and your packaging needs change daily or evolve over time. Still, a savvy packaging manager should know the system and anticipate all the materials needed in advance. 

Your Product Packaging Supply Partner

At First Packaging Systems, we proactively stock all of our packaging materials and wholesale packaging supplies. This way we can provide you with what you need whenever you need it. We know our regular clients and exactly what materials they require. We can anticipate when orders typically come in, but at the same time, we always stock extra in case there are unexpected purchases or new clients want the same products. 

We can also design, manage, and track your packaging system to ensure you never run out of wholesale packaging supply stock. Our team can monitor your supplies and equipment, while also checking in with you periodically to ensure your packaging needs are covered at all times. To learn more about FPS and our packaging systems and supply chain management, contact us today.