Why You Need to Automate Your Packaging System

FPS-why you need to automate your packaging system

There are many reasons why it makes sense to automate certain aspects of your product packaging system. You may even want to consider a fully automated solution. Today’s packaging equipment and control systems are more advanced than ever. There are numerous advantages to packaging automation. Here are a few benefits:

Higher Quality Packaging

Some might argue doing everything by hand is a better solution for quality results. That is true in some aspects of product development and packaging extremely delicate items. However, most product packaging plants experience better quality with automated processes. Cases and boxes can be formed, packed, and sealed consistently–no risk of human error leading to inconsistent results. The right equipment, materials, and system settings ensure quality packaging day in and day out.

Loss Prevention

Automated or semi-automated packaging equipment can greatly improve containment. Again, it’s all about consistent results from one case or pallet to the next. For example, a pallet stretch wrapping machine eliminates the need for workers to “eyeball it.” Pallets are wrapped properly each time. Cases are secured safely to the pallet for better storage and shipping. This reduces worries of product loss that cost a substantial amount of money over the long run.

Worth the Investment

Many packaging facility managers worry about the upfront cost of packaging machinery. Superb equipment and proper operator training require a notable investment. However, packaging automation generally pays for itself—and then some—over time, as you can reduce labor costs, increase production output, and run a more efficient overall system. Don’t focus solely on the initial cost; it is a worthwhile investment.

Packaging Efficiency

Let’s talk about the importance of efficiency when it comes to packaging solutions. It pays to have a more efficient system. Manual labor costs money, and hand-operated equipment is slower than automated machinery. A fully or partially automated packaging system dramatically improves your production line and ensures daily quotas are met. The equipment doesn’t need to take breaks, and it manages itself as long as you keep up with basic maintenance, minimal system monitoring, and material restocking. 

Improved Safety

We already mentioned the concerns of human error regarding packaging quality. Automation also minimizes safety risks, with fewer workers performing dangerous packaging tasks. Let the equipment do the dirty work, and let your employees focus on more important duties to benefit your business. 

Find the Right Automation Solutions 

Ultimately, each packaging facility is unique. In some instances, hand-packing and old-school methods still produce the best results. In many other situations, automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment provide significant benefits like the ones we noted above. 

Finding the right packaging solutions is what we do best at First Packaging Systems. From equipment and material sourcing to custom packaging system design, we provide the best options for your packaging facility. Contact FPS today to learn more!