What Packaging Says About Your Brand

Conveyor line with cadrboard boxes on it in distribution warehouse, Delivery, storage and transportation service concept. 3d illustration

Product packaging can have a major effect on your brand identity. The packaging is an extension of the product itself, and of course its design is one more way to build a positive brand association in the minds of your customers. 

Unfortunately, we see a lot of manufacturers making common product packaging mistakes, usually in an effort to save time or money. Some packaging is way over-engineered and more complex than it needs to be. Other packaging is too simple and not practical enough. Meanwhile, environmental issues are also a concern. You have to think about the full life cycle of your packaging while also finding the ideal balance between form and function. 

It’s much easier said than done. However, the ideal packaging should look nice, clearly represent your brand and function well throughout its journey to the end user. Then, it must be something that can be reused or disposed of safely to minimize your company’s carbon footprint after the product has been consumed. Good packaging will attract more customers while protecting your products—and ideally, the environment, as well.

Here are a few product packaging tips you can implement:

  • Think Simple

In today’s product packaging, simpler is better. Remember the old sayings “waste not, want not” or “less is more.” Don’t overcomplicate packaging with complex structures and crazy graphic design. Keep your brand message clear and concise while keeping the packaging as minimal as possible. 

  • Be Functional and Practical

Don’t just think about how the package will look on the shelves at stores. You have to create packaging that is practical throughout the supply chain. It has to perform a function and protect the contents inside all the way from your factory to the shelves. It has to survive bulk packaging, shipping, distribution, unpacking and stacking at its final destination. 

  • Brand Messaging

Your product is a direct reflection of your brand, and thus its packaging plays a very important role in building your brand identity. Make sure your branding conveys the type of message you wish to promote. This is done through great graphic design and can also be impacted by the packaging’s structural design. How will customers feel when buying this product? What will make them want to buy it? How does your product and brand stand apart from the competition?

  • Be Innovative

When it comes to both form and function, you should strive to be creative and innovative with your packaging. Simple and functional does not mean it has to be boring. Try unique ideas that may make your product stand out, or explore different structural designs that look great, function well and may save you a lot of money.

  • Be Eco-Friendly

It is important in today’s society to present an eco-friendly brand, and this can be hindered when your product packaging creates a lot of excess waste. If you have bunch of bags inside of a box inside of another another box, you may be wasting materials. You may be spending more than you need to while also building a negative eco-reputation for your brand.

  • Think About the End User Experience

Obviously, you want to imagine how your product will look in the store. You will also want to think about the end user’s experience. Is your packaging easy to open? Are there too many wasteful materials? Is the packaging easy to dispose of after the product is removed? Is it reusable in some fashion?

  • Explore Different Materials

There are so many different types of packaging materials available these days. Try out different plastics, box materials, paper goods, foams and wraps. Find a solution that is cost effective, attractive and eco-friendly.

Again, it’s all easier said than done to find the perfect balance of form and function. However, with the right research, planning and design, these important packaging goals can be achieved. First Packaging Systems is here to help with custom packaging system designs to help you get more out of your product packaging. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.