Using Packaging Automation Technology to Improve Financial Performance

Smart warehouse management system using augmented reality technology to identify package picking and delivery . Future concept of supply chain and logistic business .

Why hand form your boxes and hand-wrap your shipping pallets when the processes can be automated? Throughout the years, packaging automation technology continues to evolve more and more. The systems are incredible and can really streamline your business’ shipping needs.

What Are Your Large-Scale Packaging Needs?

We’re not talking about small one-time shipments, but large-scale shipping systems that require a great deal of coordination and effort. Packaging automation technology can eliminate a lot of wasted time and labor when you have consistent packaging requirements day in and day out. Progressive, competitive manufacturers use automated systems and machinery to form boxes, pack boxes, stack pallets, wrap pallets and get the pallets onto trucks or into containers. It’s a tightly streamlined process and it is done for a reason. 

The Advantages of Automated Packaging Systems 

Packaging automation technology makes industrial packing and shipping so much simpler when implemented properly. [We find that machinery pacing employee efforts produces superior results vs. employees pacing equipment] Above all else, it can save your operation a great deal of money. We’re not talking about replacing all your dedicated workers with machines. Use their ingenuity and labor skills for better uses. Let the systems and specialized equipment automate the packaging system for consistent results and dependable daily production standards.

Long-Term Savings

Let’s talk about the potential long-term savings of packaging automation technology. Of course, there are going to be upfront expenses with purchasing, installing and dialing in the equipment. Progress isn’t always cheap. However, the financial benefits definitely come with time as these systems pay for themselves—and then some—over the long run. They remove the complexities of complicated packaging and shipping procedures that typically require a lot of coordination between management and employees—from the assembly line to the packaging plant to the final shipping and transportation. [Automated equipment can remove employee interpretation & decision making by entry level employees on your line]

Eliminate many of those headaches and potential human error as you utilize the technology for its designed purpose. Over time, you will see how a more streamlined packaging operation saves you a ton of money. You can improve your business’ financial performance with strategic use of packaging technology.

Advanced Technology for Streamlined Performance

Today’s automated packaging systems are extremely advanced. They are information-enabled and can deliver real-time diagnostics, so you always know flow rates, quantities and other important data that will keep your packaging operation running as smoothly as possible. This sophisticated equipment has contemporary safety and is very intuitive to use with proper training. These systems are easy to integrate into any existing plant.

Streamlined packaging automation technology can:

  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Maximize packaging flexibility for more product varieties and packaging diversity
  • Enhance the performance of your workforce
  • Reduce complexity, time and costs of operation

Your Packaging System Partner

It’s important to know that not all automated packaging systems are created equally and each one must be customized to the needs and configuration of your operation. It helps to have a packaging system partner working with you to determine the best automated technology for your packaging and shipping warehouse—one who can help you with customized solutions, training, equipment maintenance and overall packaging strategy. 

If you have packaging needs and need a better system, call First Packaging Systems today at (909) 613-5955, or send us an email. We look forward to providing all your packaging solutions.