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custom packaging

There is so much more to packaging than boxes and bubble wrap. Every aspect of the process must be optimized for quality, consistency, efficiency, and cost. Even the smallest packaging mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars per year. This is why First Packaging Systems exists. We focus on assisting our clients with every single facet of their packaging systems. Whether your needs are substantial or limited, we have all the packaging services required.

Custom Packaging Systems

We understand that no two companies are exactly the same. Therefore, packaging needs may vary based on the products, processes, and budgets of each client we serve. At the same time, we have vast experience in this specialized field, and we can pass this knowledge onto you. FPS can provide you with custom packaging system design and fabrication tailored to your specific applications.

Packaging Equipment and Automation Technology

We can set up your facility to be fully or partially automated with the best equipment and technology. We can improve packaging consistency, quality, and safety. Ultimately, we can find you significant long-term cost savings with the right solutions. The machinery investments you make now can provide so many benefits over the course of time. They often pay for themselves—and then some—in the long run.

Packaging Materials

If you know exactly what packaging materials you need—including how much and how often you need to resupply—FPS is here. We carry a range of packaging materials, from bags, cushioning, and void fill to boxes, tapes, and hot melt adhesives. We are also happy to analyze your current packaging materials and processes to find more customized solutions. Material waste is a common problem in our industry, as is using the wrong types of packaging materials for specific applications. Let us help you be more efficient and cost-effective with your packaging materials.

Installation, Training, and Safety

What good is excellent packaging equipment if you don’t use it to its full potential? First Packaging Systems designs and implements the best packaging technology. We provide professional installation, testing, and training services. Another benefit of optimized packaging systems and more automation is safety. You have fewer operators at risk of workplace accidents and repetitive stress injuries. Plus, we can guide you to enact other safety steps in your packaging facility.

Comprehensive Packaging Services

First Packaging Systems takes a holistic approach to every aspect of the packaging process. We can find the proper solutions based on your specific needs, products, and budget. We work with small mom-and-pop operations, major corporations, and everything in between. At FPS, we know packaging, and we are ready to be the one-stop shop for all your packaging needs.

To learn more about FPS, our products, and services, check out our website, or call us today. We’d be happy to schedule a no-obligation introductory consultation and review. We can help you in any capacity you need, from basic supplies to a complete packaging system overhaul.