Sustainable Solutions for Today’s Packaging Systems

FPS-Sustainable Solutions for Today’s Packaging Systems

Sustainability is a major buzzword in today’s society. It’s one of those terms you hear a lot in the manufacturing and packaging industries, but it is commonly misunderstood. There are many facets to the concept of sustainability when it comes to product packaging. You have to consider the overall environmental impact, business costs, consumer experience, and product loss, among other factors. 

At First Packaging Systems, we have strong views on the importance of sustainability relating to today’s packaging materials, automated packaging equipment, and inventory management systems. 

Our Planet. Your Packaging.

Let’s start by talking about packaging materials and product packaging designs from an environmental perspective. There are multiple ways to look at these issues as a manufacturer. It’s no secret most modern consumers have some level of concern for the environment. There are also governmental regulations in place to reduce emissions and waste. Packaging materials have evolved significantly, with more eco-friendly options coming out year after year. 

The common misconception is consumers and governments want less packaging for products to reduce unnecessary waste. You should minimize packaging waste wherever and whenever you can. However, you can take it too far. Less packaging may lead to increased product damage, which also affects the environment in a very negative way. Damaged, unusable, returned, and recalled products represent unnecessary waste as well. It can be even worse for the environment than an extra layer of packaging protection. 

The goal as a product manufacturer is to find the right balance between minimizing your packaging waste, using eco-friendly packaging materials, finding cost-effective solutions, and reducing the risk of product damage during storage, shipping, and retail distribution. 

Positive Consumer Experience

Another factor to consider with your product packaging design is the consumer experience. You want to create a positive impression of your brand with eye-catching packaging. You want the consumer to have a quality experience with products that aren’t damaged. Product packaging decisions should also be made with the end user in mind. What will keep your products moving off the shelves and keep your customers happy, while still keeping your carbon footprint small and production costs as low as possible?

Sustainable Shipping and Distribution

Last, you should think beyond the product’s retail packaging. Consider warehouse storage, shipping systems, retail distribution, and point-of-purchase presentation. From the packaging materials and equipment you use to the inventory management systems you implement, each step can make an impact on the environment—and your bottom line. Every decision you make as a manufacturer should keep sustainability in mind. Remember, sustainability also applies to your budget. You must create a sustainable business structure and production models to maintain profitability!

Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

FPS offers a wide variety of environmentally conscious packaging materials made from natural resources that can be reused, recycled, composted, or biodegraded. From boxes and void fill to stretch films and shipping solutions, we have all your needs covered. You can stay eco-friendly and budget-friendly at the same time. 

Let us find the right packaging solutions and design the ideal packaging system for you. The FPS team can show you how to reduce your carbon footprint with cost-effective ideas—all while improving the consumer experience and optimizing your brand presentation. Contact us today to learn more.