Solve the Case with Case Sealing Solutions!

FPS-Solve the Case with Case Sealing Solutions

Some of the most labor-intensive activities in product manufacturing revolve around forming, packing, and sealing boxes. Too often we see companies losing time and money on these simple, yet important processes. You need boxes and quality packaging. The question is how many man-hours are being spent folding and taping your cases? 

The Challenges of Hand-Forming Cases

Multiple steps need to occur. It starts with erecting cases and sealing the bottoms with tape, hot glue, or other adhesive solutions. Once the boxes are packed and filled with products, they need to be sealed securely for storage, shipment, and distribution. From case erection to sealing, several procedures can be automated or semiautomated with minimal operator oversight. 

A Better ROI

Many manufacturers don’t believe the return on investment (ROI) is enough to purchase and install automated case forming and sealing equipment. These machines represent a significant upfront investment. However, the ROI associated with these equipment solutions can be realized within a few months with most manufacturing operations. These machines can quickly pay for themselves and save significant time, money, and resources compared to employees folding, forming, and hand-sealing cases. The right equipment can streamline the process and minimize how much time is spent on these necessary tasks.

In addition to overall packaging efficiency, the right case forming and sealing equipment can provide a number of other key benefits:

Consistent Quality—Human error is one of the leading sources of product loss. Not even the best packaging employee will form and seal a case exactly the same way every single time. There may be slight variations with each case, and one small mistake can be very costly. Automatic and semiautomatic case sealing solutions produce consistent quality, time and time again.

Box-On-Demand Output—With automated case formers and sealers, you can erect, pack, and seal boxes on a large or small scale. Whether you need one box or hundreds, this equipment allows you to produce what you need when you need it, without any change in operating cost for each box formed or sealed. Daily production needs may vary, and the right machines make it easy to keep up.

Flexibility—Most automated case formers and sealers can switch between different types and sizes of boxes at the click of a button. Certain settings can be preprogrammed to match your operational needs and daily output goals. 

Safety—Last, automated packaging equipment provides numerous safety benefits. You can eliminate repetitive motion issues that could lead to injuries and tedious work environments that could cause accidents if an employee is “zoned out.” The box-on-demand capability may also remove the need to pre-form stacks and stacks of boxes that often get in the way and create dangerous line-of-sight hazards.

Your Packaging Solutions Partner

First Packaging Systems is partnered with the leading case forming and case sealing equipment manufacturers. We offer solutions that are more portable and affordable, as well as machines suited for large-scale manufacturing facilities. More options are available than you may realize. Let our team find the best-case erection and/or sealing equipment based on your specific production needs. Contact FPS today to learn more.