Save Time and Money with the Right Case Former

FPS-Save Time and Money with the Right Case Former

One of the most tedious tasks in packaging is forming cases. It seems silly to pay someone to stand there for hours on end, unfolding boxes and assembling them. The larger your production quantities, the less cost-effective a manual approach is. Having the right case former—a.k.a. case erector—can save your facility a great deal of time and money.

The Challenges of Manual Case Forming

Before we discuss the features and benefits of automatic and semiautomatic case formers, let’s talk about the downsides associated with erecting boxes manually. We already pointed out how tedious the work can be for anyone tasked with this duty. It is also a common source of repetitive stress injuries. Folding and taping one box after another can lead to painful medical issues that may lead to workers’ compensation claims. In addition, “box mountains” can create safety hazards in your packaging facility. Someone forms all the boxes and stacks them somewhere. This creates a major workplace obstacle and reduces sight lines. Accidents will happen in a busy packaging or shipping plant. 

Why Automate the Process?

An automated case former can solve these problems and more. Yes, there is an up-front investment in the equipment and training. However, automating the case erection process generally saves money over time. You can reduce labor costs and reduce the risk of costly workplace injuries. You can increase your productivity and ensure you always have boxes and cases ready exactly when you need them. 

Consistency, Quality, and Efficiency

A case erecting machine can form and seal the bottom of the boxes in a fraction of the time of a worker doing it manually. Then the equipment can feed directly into your packing line to fill the cases. You no longer need to worry about box mountains or other safety hazards. Cases are formed, packed, and sealed with ease.

Another benefit is consistent quality. Manual case erection can lead to inconsistencies and mistakes. A dented corner or slightly misaligned bottom tape can severely affect the stability of the box. This can lead to damage and product loss later during packing, storage, shipping, and distribution. Effective equipment gives you consistent results with every box moving down the line. 

Automated Case Forming Solutions

At First Packaging Systems, we offer a wide range of case formers. We are partnered with leading equipment manufacturers and material suppliers. There are fully automatic and semiautomatic case erecting machines to suit your budget, production quantities, and line designs. Semiautomatic case formers provide smaller footprints and can conform to varying case sizes but still require some manual processes. They are excellent for smaller and midsize packaging facilities.

Automated case forming machines are the best solution for larger facilities with high production quantities. This is especially true if you have the same type and size of cases moving through one line all day. Let the automated equipment do all the work and keep your line humming. Still, case size adjustments can be made quickly and easily with most fully automatic case formers. You can increase production without the risk of human error. Maintenance and restocking materials are also a breeze with the correct machine.

FPS can assist you with everything you need to achieve the most out of your case former. Stay stocked with tape, adhesives, standard and custom boxes, printing supplies, and void fill materials. Contact us today to learn more about automated case forming equipment and other time-saving packaging solutions.