One Size Does Not Fit All: Custom Packaging Solutions

custom packaging solutions

If there’s one thing you learn quickly in manufacturing, it’s that one size box or bag will not fit all products. Everything requires specific packaging design to achieve the best results. This is what it takes to keep products protected throughout the storage, shipping, and distribution processes. 

In addition, the product packaging must look attractive on retail shelves. Last but not least, you have to consider the entire life cycle of the packaging materials. Environmental waste and a reduced carbon footprint are higher priorities than ever these days. 

A Custom, Comprehensive Approach

It’s important to think about how you customize each package or case to best suit the products inside and the consumers who purchase them. This is the approach you must take with your packaging system as a whole. You should apply a customized strategy to every aspect of packaging—from the materials you use to the design and implementation of your packaging equipment lines. Planning employee roles and human tasks in the packaging process is also critical. What equipment do you need? Who runs the equipment? Which packaging duties are still managed manually, and which are best automated with machinery? 

At First Packaging Systems, we know from experience that one size does not fit all when it comes to packaging solutions. Each phase of the packaging system requires careful analysis, planning, and training. Automation (or semi-automation) may or may not be your best option for certain processes. It depends on your products, your quantities, your budget, your staff, and various other factors. 

Here are some of the areas where custom planning and designing make a significant difference for your packaging system:

Packaging Materials

This is often where the most money is wasted in product packaging. You need to use cost-effective materials that are also specifically effective for the products they protect and promote. You have to worry about custom-designed boxes, bags, adhesives, protection, and void fill. Find the best materials for your products, budget, and packaging system.

Packaging Equipment

Many types of automatic and semi-automatic machines can streamline and optimize your packaging processes: pallet wrappers, strapping machines, shrink wrappers, case formers, case sealers, and more. Determine which processes can be improved with packaging machinery. Find ways to minimize or eliminate the risks of human error and inconsistency. Custom design your line around the correct equipment and most efficient packaging solutions. The right up-front investments can increase production while saving wasted costs over time.

Packaging Sustainability

All aspects of the product and packaging life should be considered when designing your ideal packaging system. Eco-friendly materials may be a priority for you, considering the full post-consumer life cycle of the materials. Within this life cycle, the products are generally packaged in bulk, then stored, shipped, and distributed to retail centers or directly to customers. Consider issues like product protection through all these phases. Make calculated decisions that will provide reduced load loss and product damage. 

Operational Efficiency

All of these decisions should lead to a more efficient and cost-effective way to package and distribute your products. Look for areas where you can reduce waste and lost profits. Find packaging solutions that will meet your long-term needs while having a safe, efficient, and productive workplace at your manufacturing or packaging facility. 

At FPS, we review each of these issues when working with our clients. We examine every aspect of their packaging processes, materials, and designs to determine the best solutions. No two packaging facilities are exactly the same, which is why it requires a custom approach for each client we serve. 

If you have specific packaging challenges you need to resolve—or you just want a comprehensive review of your existing packaging system—FPS is here to advise. Contact us today to learn more about the customized services we can provide your business.