Shrink Film (Wrap)

Shipping product(s) to your customers should be a safe, seamless experience—protected by selecting the best shrink film for your operation. Applied with heat, shrink film serves as a flexible and durable protective barrier around any product packaging. Finally, shrink film comes in a diverse set of types, widths, and clarities, each of which First Packaging will explain so you are confident that your preferred shrink film is the ideal fit for your company.

Learn more about varying shrink film types below.


POF wrap for short, polyolefin is more tear-resistant than PVC film. Polyolefin provides incredible clarity and quickly shrinks, making this a lower-cost option for consumer goods.
Also known as polyvinyl chloride, PVC films are diverse in nature and have high tear-resistance. Many operations are drawn to PVC film since it also offers operational and environmental safety (it is non-toxic and fire-resistant.)
Made primarily from hydrocarbons, polyethylene’s cost-effectiveness is an attractive choice for general packaging, plastics manufacturing, and machinery or equipment protection. Polyethylene is best used via shrink-bundling machines.
Printed (roll) stock is rolled laminated film, perfect for form-fill-seal machinery. Food, makeup, pharmaceuticals, and more all use and benefit printed stock.