Custom Films & Bags

There’s no limitation to who benefits from customized bags and poly film. Custom bags provide total precision, fitting your product with set dimensions and specific logos or messaging. Discover innovative packaging for food, beverage, medical, and other industries with First Packaging.

Learn more about our wide variety of custom films & bags below.


Food and beverage operations need unique films and packaging, FDA-approved and properly sealed to prevent contamination.
Shrink bands prevent tampering and leakage, most of which protect the product’s bottle-neck. For more elevated customization, shrink bands may be color-customized.
Vacuum packaging is the perfect fit for any products prone to moisture, dust, or other elements. Vacuum packaging frequently offers a thicker material than shrink film.
Otherwise known as skin packs, this carded packaging brings a thin, surlyn film hugged tightly around a product, and vacuum sealed for total protection.
Most sheeting & tubing is made from polyethylene and is sometimes referred to as “layflat” tubing. This is a perfect option for odd or long-shaped items.