Improve Product Packaging with Custom Bags and Films

FPS-Improve Product Packaging with Custom Bags and Films2

How you choose to package your products is one of the most important aspects of sales. It starts with having terrific products. Then the packaging must perform several functions. It should protect the items inside while being user-friendly for customers to open and eco-friendly through the packaging life cycle. In addition, the packaging should make for an attractive retail presentation. In other words, you want your products to look great on the shelves. 

Last but certainly not least, your product packaging needs to be cost-effective. It should accomplish the key objectives above without breaking the bank or hindering your profitability. You have to find the correct balance between affordability and effectiveness to maximize your profit margins. 

Custom Product Bags and Polymer Films

First Packaging Systems offers many types of product packaging. We stock standardized bags and films that can serve a variety of packaging purposes. If you need something simple and in bulk, FPS has you covered with all the packaging materials imaginable. 

Today, however, we want to talk about our custom bags and polymer films that can be used for both internal product protection and external retail presentation. Customized bags and films make a significant difference for our customers. We specialize in customized packaging solutions, from equipment to materials. Specialized products like custom bags and films offer compliant solutions in high-spec industries like pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, electronics, and more. 

Your Best Packaging Solutions

Opting to use custom bags and films can allow you to achieve a precision fit with your product packaging. It can also present enhanced branding, point-of-purchase (PoP) sale, and product protection advantages to make a customized design well worth the investment. Here are some of the custom bag and film solutions we offer at FPS:

Specialty Food Films and Bags

A custom food film or bag can provide enhanced protection for your food products. It can keep your products fresh throughout storage, shipping, retail distribution, and post-purchase. You can offer a more convenient and practical way for customers to enjoy your food products as well. 

Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are critical for medical supplies, health products, and bottled food products. They provide tamper-proofing and evidence of an intact seal. They are cost-effective and easy to apply. It’s important to make sure your shrink bands are custom fit to your bottle. They can also provide custom branding, instructions, or warning information to improve safety and enhance the overall customer experience.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is commonly used for meats, cheeses, frozen foods, and all varieties of food products. They keep products fresh and can protect them from problems like freezer burn. Vacuum packaging also maximizes storage space and reduces waste. Form-fitting vacuum packaging is critical for food products, and many products require branding and other information directly on the vacuum bag itself. Let FPS find the best solution based on your specific product.

Carded Packaging

Carded packaging with bubble-formed plastic is a common retail presentation that has proved very effective throughout history. It is a way to differentiate your products in a durable package. It offers a long shelf life and is cost-effective with light weights and low transportation costs. It can prevent tampering, drips, and leakage for food products, batteries, and other products.  

Sheeting and Tubing

Many varieties of polymer sheets and tubes are ideal for product packaging. These solutions are durable and weather-resistant. They are often reusable and can serve multiple purposes for packaging, shipping, and storage. FPS provides a wide range of custom sheeting and tubing options to meet your specific product packaging requirements and budget. 

To learn more about custom bags and poly films available through First Packaging Systems—along with all of your other standard and custom packaging system needs—check out our website or contact us today.