FPS Case Study: Contract Packing Company for Consumer Electronics

FPS-Case Study_Contract Packing Company for Consumer Electronics

First Packaging Solutions recently worked with a contract packing company serving the consumer electronics industry. They serve several large manufacturers, installing chips in electronic devices and repackaging them for final shipping and retail distribution. They came to FPS because they were searching for a more cost-effective method for forming, packing, and sealing bulk cases.

Packaging Challenges

This packaging facility faced several common challenges within the contract manufacturing and packing industry:

Excessive Labor Costs—The current packaging process required multiple workers, as cases needed to be formed, filled, and sealed at different stages of the production line. 

Inefficiency—It was difficult to keep up with production demands because of such an inefficient packaging process.

Repetitive Motion Injuries—The tedious nature of forming and sealing boxes brought risks of repetitive motion injuries for workers.

Inconsistent Packaging—Between multiple handlings of products and cases, as well as the general nature of manual packing and sealing, the packages were inconsistent and didn’t always present a professional presentation for retail distribution.

Product Loss—Inconsistent and sometimes poor quality bulk packaging led to concerns of product damage during shipping and distribution.

Wasted Material—Manual case sealing led to wasted tape and damaged boxes.

Safety Issues—“Box mountains” were a common problem around the facility, as many boxes were pre-formed in large quantities and stacked near the end of the packing line. This caused visibility issues in the active packaging facility and presented multiple safety issues. 

The Need for Flexibility

The client was hesitant to turn to FPS because they didn’t think an automated case forming and sealing solution would be the right option. The largest concern was flexibility. The company contracted for multiple manufacturers. They had to be versatile as production needs shifted on a daily or even hourly basis. Different products came through the facility; that meant different case sizes, quantities, SKUs, and other variables that required a more flexible system. The company was worried going fully automated would hinder this kind of flexibility—and they were right to some extent.

For this company, fully automated case forming and sealing machines were not the right answer. A more affordable and effective solution met their specific packaging needs. The WEXXAR BEL 5150U is a semiautomatic forming, packing, and sealing system that proved to be the ideal machine for this bulk repackaging operation. It would greatly improve their efficiency and quality while offering the flexibility they needed to move from one unique packaging fulfillment project to the next.

About the WEXXAR BEL 5150U

The WEXXAR BEL 5150U is an incredible case sealing machine that requires minimal manual operation. One worker could effectively pack and seal a higher quantity of boxes in the time it took several workers to complete each step of the process before. It works by opening a box and placing it on the conveyor. The machine forms and holds the box in place while the operator packs the case with products. Once the box is ready for sealing, it travels through the machine for secure taping on the top and bottom. After it comes out the other side, it is ready for stacking on the pallet. 

The Results

The WEXXAR BEL 5150U minimized the amount of workers needed to form, pack, and seal boxes, greatly reducing the packaging company’s labor costs. It offered a more consistent and higher quality level of packaging, with consistent forming and sealing on every box that went through the machine. There were no more massive box mountains in the way, and concerns about repetitive stress injuries were reduced significantly. They were able to get more cases packed and sealed in less time, greatly increasing production efficiency and output. 

The process of forming, packing, and sealing cases was dramatically improved. At the same time, they still had the flexibility they needed to handle a variety of contract repackaging projects. They started with one WEXXAR machine to test it. Before long, they had installed seven BEL 5150U units—one at the end of each of their packaging lines!

Are You Ready to Automate?

Semiautomatic case forming and sealing machines like the WEXXAR BEL 5150U provide an excellent stepping stone between manual operations and full packaging automation. And in cases like this, it actually presents the perfect solution for a smaller or mid-size packaging facility that requires more project flexibility.

To learn more about this machine or other semiautomatic or fully automatic equipment that can help you have a more consistent, efficient, and cost-effective packaging system, contact FPS today. Let us solve your packaging problems and find the best solutions to meet your specific production needs.