Strapping Machines

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Strapping Machine

Enhance shipping safety and security by strapping several packages or mailing trays together.

Strapping Machines 

What They Do

Strapping machines enhance shipping safety and security by strapping several packages or mailing trays together. Strapping can be a more economical and convenient solution compared to hand-wrapping pallets. It’s a way to keep your important cases tightly packed together for easier transport. Minimize product damage and and loss with an automatic or semiautomatic strapping machine. First Packaging Systems offers some of the best strapping machines to streamline your packaging operation.


Types of Strapping Machines

Our table-top strapping machines allow you to quickly and economically strap several packages together. This can help reduce shipping costs while providing safer transport. Table-top machines feature lockable casters, adjustable legs and height-adjustment capabilities. The equipment is safe and very simple to use. Our strapping machines can handle a variety of machine-grade poly strapping. The manual tension controls enable you to set the level you need. Strapping machines are available in semiautomatic and fully automatic configurations, depending on your budget and how much oversight you want to maintain.
Arch strapping machines offer a fully automated strapping solution. They are available in different sizes and can apply different strap width to meet your specific strapping requirements. Arch machines are ideal for bulk printing, mailing, package bundling and other specialized uses. FPS provides customized arch strapping solutions and machine configurations to help you optimize your packaging, shipping and distribution processes. This results in higher throughput, bigger production volumes, reduced labor costs and simplified maintenance schedules.


Key Features

Automatic and semiautomatic strapping machines offer the following key benefits:


Streamline your package bundling and pallet shipping by automating the strapping process with our advanced strapping equipment.


Get the desired strapping results with automated strapping equipment that securely and accurately straps your packages together for transport.


Hand-strapping and wrapping doesn’t always provide consistent results and can often waste materials. Strapping machines are reliable and eliminate the risk of human error.


Automatic strapping machines require minimal oversight and maintenance, reducing labor costs and increasing operational safety.

Product Highlights

Strapping Machine


Our Product Partners

First Packaging Systems represents many of the best automatic and semiautomatic strapping machine manufacturers in the world. We will supply you with the best equipment for all your custom strapping and packaging needs.


Creating Longevity

To get the most out of your strapping machine, it must be properly configured and installed. Then, it needs to be maintained to ensure peak performance and extended equipment lifespan. Learn more about strapping machine customization, maintenance and repair services from FPS: