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Shrink Wrapping

Designed to automate the shrink wrapping process.

Shrink Wrapping Machines 

What They Do

Shrink wrapping machines are specifically designed to automate the shrink wrapping process. When you have large quantities of products or packages that need to be shrink wrapped, a shrink wrapping machine will minimize labor costs and maximize production. These machines are extremely efficient, effective and dependable. The equipment essentially pays for itself over time because of how much it can help streamline your packaging and/or shipping operation.


Types of Shrink Wrapping Machines

There are various types of shrink wrapping machines on the market. Finding the right equipment can be complicated. Different configurations include L-bar, side seal, lap seal, top trim and vertical seal. There are also several customizable product wrapping machines for specialty applications. A semiautomatic shrink wrapping machine will require some manual control, but will greatly reduce labor time and costs while providing more accurate and consistent shrink wrapping results.
Packaging lines with medium- to high-volume quantities will want to consider a fully automated shrink wrapping machine. These are designed to handle increased volumes and keep your production line moving as efficiently as possible. Automated wrapping machines are easy to configure and can be manually or automatically adjusted to accommodate different sizes and materials. Most machines have rapid-adjustment capabilities built right into the system. You’ll be able to automate product grouping, bundle forming and heat shrinking with minimal oversight. It is important to select the right automatic shrink wrapping machine for your specific production quantity and application(s). First Packaging Systems can help you find the best equipment for the job!
Shrink tunnels enable you to apply a consistent shrink rate to all products. This can boost production, improve production quality and increase packaging consistency. There are different types of tunnels and combo sealer sets to consider depending on your applications. FPS offers a variety of tunnel options specially designed for food packaging, industrial packaging and retail packaging. Machines are configured based on quantities and package sizes, whether small, medium or large. Additional options include variable heat settings, adjustable conveyor speeds, chamber sizes, custom control panels, legs and much more.
Some operations call for shrink wrapping of hundreds of package bundles per hour. Shrink bundling equipment can handle some of the heaviest products, such as beverage cases or canned food. Consistent, high-quality shrink bundling allows for safer transport and storage, while also reducing the potential for product loss. Shrink bundling machines are utilized in many industries such as retail, food and industrial packaging.


Key Features

Shrink wrapping machines offer many advantages. Here are some of the key features and benefits to consider:


The right shrink wrapping machine will produce excellent results and significantly improve operational efficiency.


Shrink wrapping machines are very accurate, with the shrink wrap applied uniformly and consistently on each package coming through the line.


Consistency is important when shrink wrapping products for storage and transport. Shrink wrapping equipment produces the quality and consistency you need.


Minimize labor costs and equipment interaction. Shrink wrapping machines are safe and easy to use, and will you help avoid the risk of workplace injuries.

Product Highlights

Shrink Wrapping


Our Product Partners

First Packaging Systems represents many of the best shrink wrapping machine manufacturers in the world. We will supply you with the ideal equipment for your specific shrink wrapping and shrink bundling applications.


Creating Longevity

First, you must select the best shrink wrapping equipment for the application. Then, it must be properly installed and maintained to optimize production and maximize the lifespan of the machine. Learn more about our shrink wrapping equipment services at FPS.