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Case Forming Machines

Case forming machines take care of the unenviable task of forming and folding cases.

Case Erectors/Case Formers 

What They Do

Case forming machines (also known as case erectors) take care of the unenviable task of forming and folding cases. Whether your cases are cardboard boxes or another packaging material, a case former will save hours in manual labor that is normally required just to pre-form and tape the cases before hand packing the products. Case forming equipment is available in a variety of configurations. It’s important to understand the features of each machine and which will be right for your packaging operation.


Types of Case Formers

As far as case forming equipment goes, a semiautomatic case erector will give you excellent value and dependable performance. Semiautomatic case formers are designed specifically for manual case packing lines. These machines will help streamline the case pre-forming process for hand packing. First Packaging Systems offers highly customizable case erecting solutions. These machines provide smaller footprints than automatic systems. They can accommodate a wide range of non-standard case sizes.
For production lines with 24/7 operation or medium-to-high packing volumes, a fully automatic case former is going to be the best solution. FPS carries a number of top-quality automatic tape case former solutions based on your specific packing needs. Automatic case erecting machines will give you optimized high-speed packaging outputs. You’ll be able to boost production while minimizing maintenance. Case size adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Full automation of case forming eliminates the human error of hand forming. You can expect consistent and accurate results with minimal oversight.
At First Packaging Systems, we work closely with our customers to ensure they have all their packaging needs at hand. In addition to case forming and case erecting equipment to automate the process, we can keep you stocked with the tape, adhesives, box materials and everything else you need to keep your packaging operation running at peak efficiency.


Key Features

Automatic and semiautomatic case formers/case erectors offer many distinct advantages:


Maximize your packaging efficiency by eliminating the need to hand-form and seal boxes and product cases.


Make sure the box is formed and sealed right every single time. Case forming equipment provides dependable accuracy from case to case.


No longer will you have to worry about sloppy work or inconsistent results that often come with “eyeballing” the case forming. Get consistent results!


Less human interaction with the products and packaging means less risk of employee injury. Case forming machines are safe and easy to operate with minimal oversight.

Product Highlights

Case Forming Machines


Our Product Partners

First Packaging Systems represents many of the best case forming and erecting machine manufacturers in the world. We will supply you with the ideal equipment for your specific box forming applications.


Creating Longevity

To get the most out of your case former or case erector, you need to make sure it is properly configured and installed. Then, it must be maintained to ensure peak performance and extended equipment lifespan. Learn more about case forming machine services from FPS: