Better Training Means Better Packaging Outcomes

Lecture and  training  in business office for white collar colleagues

The best packaging systems in the world are virtually worthless without proper employee training. Your staff needs to be trained to understand the packaging equipment, operate data systems, and comply with safety protocols. Like driving a car, many packaging applications are a combination of art, science and skill.  This mindset leads to greater commitment to training, a much more efficient operation and optimized implementation of the packaging system. The result is better productivity and improved quality across all levels.

At First Packaging Systems, we carefully review and analyze all the elements of your packaging workflow. From product requirements, package design, bulk packaging and shipping solutions, we work with our clients to design and implement the ideal system for their business. No two clients are the same and what we do is not a “one size fits” all solution. We are all about customizing plans and finding what works best for your particular packaging operation.

As the system is design and implemented, the most important step of all is employee training. We don’t just sell you a product and then leave your team on its own to figure out how to use it. We provide thorough, intensive training throughout the process and during implementation to make sure your staff knows exactly what they are doing to optimize all facets of the packaging system. Training follow-ups and refresher courses are always recommended to ensure competence and reinforce your focus on safety.

Here are some of the key training areas we cover:

  1. Safety
    Safety should always be the number one priority at any operation. People working on or around heavy equipment should be properly trained and certified to operate it. There is no excuse for poor workplace safety training because it can lead to accidents, workers’ comp claims and even major lawsuits, to say nothing of the impacts to morale and reputation. First Packaging Systems works with clients to design comprehensive safety training for anything related to our packaging equipment and systems.
  2. Technology
    At First Packaging Systems, we utilize technology to our clients’ advantage. If there is software or specialized equipment that can be designed and implemented for a more efficient operation, we will use it to optimize the processes. And, of course, we will train your team accordingly so that they know how to work the programs and technology for optimum packaging outcomes.
  3. Equipment
    From product sorting machines and conveyers to all manner of fillers, packers, wrappers & palletizers, there are many different types of heavy-duty equipment that we may install as part of your packaging solution. Operators should be properly trained (and certified, as appropriate for all heavy equipment operation). Anyone running any piece of equipment should be trained and tested. As new operators are brought on board, we offer ongoing training and updated programs to make sure your entire team is always up to speed.
  4. Packing and Loading Processes
    Whether you are packaging individual products or loading pallets and trucks for bulk shipments, there are many ways to improve each phase of the packaging and shipping processes. We work closely with all team members to ensure that everything is being done properly for the best quality and to prevent injury & product damage through shipping.
  5. Teamwork and Efficiency
    Running a successful packaging system requires plenty of coordination from all team members. Not only are we trying to train employees on the nuts and bolts of the operation, but we are working to help them develop better teamwork and communication, with a goal of optimizing your facility’s overall efficiency and quality through each phase of the packaging system.

These are just a few of the key things that we cover when it comes to training. It is an important supplemental component to any custom packaging system we develop and implement. To learn more about training programs at First Packaging Systems, contact us today.