Automated Packaging Machines: More Cost-Effective than You Think!

FPS-Automated Packaging Machines2

Many packaging facilities are hesitant to add automated packaging machines and technology. They look at the bottom line and are unsure about the initial costs for the equipment and installation. We regularly hear “we’d like to automate, but we can’t afford it” when we suggest automatic and semiautomatic packaging machines. 

Yes, this equipment isn’t cheap, and it requires an up-front expense. In a majority of cases, however, it is well worth the investment. Many of these machines pay for themselves over time because they enable more efficient and consistent production. They provide significant long-term cost savings compared to manual packaging processes. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why automated packaging equipment may be worth the investment for your packaging facility:

Increased Production

Automated packaging machines can do a lot of tedious work in minimal time. Take something like folding and sealing boxes. The right equipment can do this in a fraction of the time a human (or multiple humans) can without the need for breaks. This increases your potential production rates on a daily basis, which can add up significantly across a longer time frame.

Improved Packaging Quality

Another key benefit of automated packaging machines is the consistency and quality they produce. Packaging tasks can be repeated over and over without the risk of human error or inconsistencies of manual labor. Packages and pallets sustain less damage during storage, shipping, and distribution. Your reputation with customers is better, which can add more sales revenue. You reduce product damage and loss, which usually cuts into your profits. 

Reduced Labor Costs

An automated packaging line can replace a significant number of manual laborers. Your employees can focus on more important tasks than tedious packaging processes. Less training time is required. You reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries that often come with manual packaging tasks. In addition, you reduce the risks of workplace accidents and injuries that happen with human error, box mountains that cause blind spots, and other issues that tend to come with manual packaging. Again, all of these savings add up to reduced labor costs that help you pay for the purchase and operation of the packaging equipment.

Tax Benefits

Any initial costs of packaging equipment should be tax-deductible if you use them for business purposes. You may even be able to spread out the initial amount over several years with proper tax planning strategies. Some machinery may even meet state and federal energy-efficiency regulations, providing tax rebates and credits.

It’s an Investment

Rather than becoming overly concerned with the purchase price, think of any business expense like automated packaging machinery as a worthwhile investment. Sound financial planning and budgeting can enable you to obtain the absolute most out of the equipment for many years to come. And over time, the cost savings and benefits of packaging automation should more than pay for itself!

To learn more about automated packaging equipment and how we can optimize your packaging processes, contact First Packaging Systems today.