Automated Packaging Machines: More Cost-Effective than You Think!

Many packaging facilities are hesitant to add automated packaging machines and technology. They look at the bottom line and are unsure about the initial costs for the equipment and installation. We regularly hear “we’d like to automate, but we can’t afford it” when we suggest automatic and semiautomatic packaging machines.  Yes, this equipment isn’t cheap, […]

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Packaging Needs

custom packaging

There is so much more to packaging than boxes and bubble. Every aspect of the process must be optimized for quality, consistency, efficiency, and cost. Even the smallest packaging mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars per year. This is why First Packaging Systems exists. We focus on assisting our clients with every single facet […]

9 Different Types of Packaging Tapes and Adhesives

packaging adhesive

Whether your sealing solutions are automated, or you still use a manual process, adhesives will always be needed in packaging. You must seal packages and bulk cases to ensure your products are properly protected throughout storage, shipping, and distribution. A failed seal can lead to lost loads and product damage—not to mention a potentially poor […]

One Size Does Not Fit All: Custom Packaging Solutions

custom packaging solutions

If there’s one thing you learn quickly in manufacturing, it’s that one size box or bag will not fit all products. Everything requires specific packaging design to achieve the best results. This is what it takes to keep products protected throughout the storage, shipping, and distribution processes.  In addition, the product packaging must look attractive […]

Safety First: Why Automated Packaging Equipment Is Safer than Manual Processes

automated packaging safety

When you run a business, worker safety should always be a top priority. You don’t want to risk injuries in your manufacturing facilities. This can lead to lawsuits, fines, workers’ compensation claims, and possibly even shutdowns—not to mention mediocre press and a tarnished reputation.  Packaging Safety Concerns Product packaging can also present a number of […]

Why Void Fill Is Just as Important as What It’s Protecting

You may have designed and developed an exceptional product. You may have excellent individual packaging for the product. Unfortunately, these qualities only mean so much if you aren’t transporting your product safely throughout the storage, shipping, and distribution processes. In most cases, your bulk packaging materials and procedures are just as important as the product […]

Improve Product Packaging with Custom Bags and Films

How you choose to package your products is one of the most important aspects of sales. It starts with having terrific products. Then the packaging must perform several functions. It should protect the items inside while being user-friendly for customers to open and eco-friendly through the packaging life cycle. In addition, the packaging should make […]

Consistency Is Key: One Advantage of Automated Packaging Machinery

The reasons to invest in automated packaging machinery are plentiful. The right automated packaging equipment and system design can increase production, improve facility safety, reduce material waste, and save a great deal of money over time. One of the most important advantages automated packaging machinery offers, though, is consistency. Why Consistency Is So Important Consistent […]

FPS Case Study: Automatic Stretch Wrap System for Food Packaging

Bulk food packaging can present numerous challenges, especially when your business is running on tight margins with each shipment to retailers. You can’t afford to have product damage during distribution. It may result in returns or chargebacks. Or even worse, it could lead to lost contracts and a poor reputation in the industry. Stretch wrapping […]

Save Time and Money with the Right Case Former

One of the most tedious tasks in packaging is forming cases. It seems silly to pay someone to stand there for hours on end, unfolding boxes and assembling them. The larger your production quantities, the less cost-effective a manual approach is. Having the right case former—a.k.a. case erector—can save your facility a great deal of […]