Case Study Video: A Successful Project for Five Star

Mark Williams, VP of Operations at Five Star, recently spoke with us about his experience with First Packaging Systems. Our team designed a fully integrated production and packaging line. From bottling and labeling machines to case formers and case sealers, each step of their product manufacturing process is automated and optimized for maximum cost efficiency.  […]

There’s More to Bubble Wrap than You Might Think

Bubble wrap is one of the rock stars of the packaging industry. It doesn’t always get the attention and praise it deserves. Sure, it’s fun to sit there and pop the bubbles when you are bored. When you really think about it, though, its value as a packaging material is undeniable. Most product manufacturers, distributors […]

Get Strapped—6 Advantages of Automated Strapping Machines

Depending on the products and packaging, stretch-wrapping may not be the cost-effective solution your production needs. In many cases, straps will be more effective for keeping your packages tightly packed together on pallets or in shipping bundles, although some bundles may call for both strapping and wrapping. In addition, quality strapping helps to keep heavy […]

The Complex World of Corrugated Boxes

On its surface, the topic of corrugated boxes sounds like a simple one: just choose the right weight, assemble the box, tape it up, and go. But there’s more to cardboard and corrugated boxes that one might think.  Any manufacturer or product packaging designer who has really delved into this subject will be the first […]

Working for Peanuts—A Simple Guide to Protective Packing Materials

There are numerous types of protective packing materials. You can have form-fitted pieces to protect sensitive electronics or fragile objects like glass or ceramics or polyfoam wrapping and lining as an added level of protection. There are different grades and stiffnesses of these products depending on your budget or the products you are packaging, shipping […]

Does Your Business Need IoT Packaging Solutions?

The “Internet of Things” (or just IoT) is a term rising in popularity. It applies to most industries and products that utilize various levels of technology. What exactly is IoT, and how does it relate to packaging solutions? What is IoT? IoT refers to the interconnectivity of just about everything in today’s modern society. It’s […]

What Packaging Says About Your Brand

Product packaging can have a major effect on your brand identity. The packaging is an extension of the product itself, and of course its design is one more way to build a positive brand association in the minds of your customers.  Unfortunately, we see a lot of manufacturers making common product packaging mistakes, usually in […]

Reflections on the Packaging Industry’s Wild Year

The past 12 months have been unlike anything else we have experienced in our lifetimes. This pandemic has shaken up our industry in many different ways, with both positive and negative repercussions for our business. Increased Demand for Packaging Materials The first thing we noticed as the pandemic hit was an increased demand for paperboard […]

Better Training Means Better Packaging Outcomes

The best packaging systems in the world are virtually worthless without proper employee training. Your staff needs to be trained to understand the packaging equipment, operate data systems, and comply with safety protocols. Like driving a car, many packaging applications are a combination of art, science and skill.  This mindset leads to greater commitment to […]

Safety First—What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Your Business!

When it comes to managing your supply chain from production through packaging and distribution, safety always has to be your number one priority. Unsafe working conditions can undermine all the benefits of an otherwise productive, efficient and profitable operation.   The human cost of injuries can be significant for employees who may have to take […]