9 Different Types of Packaging Tapes and Adhesives

packaging adhesive

Whether your sealing solutions are automated, or you still use a manual process, adhesives will always be needed in packaging. You must seal packages and bulk cases to ensure your products are properly protected throughout storage, shipping, and distribution. A failed seal can lead to lost loads and product damage—not to mention a potentially poor reputation with your vendors, retailers, and customers. 

The key to success when it comes to adhesives is to find the best solution for any specific sealing or bonding application. At the same time, you want to keep material costs down. Some cheaper tapes and glues could require more material, time, or effort to seal effectively, and this ultimately costs you more than investing in a higher-quality adhesive. Ultimately, you should find something that meets your needs and is best for your budget. Here are some of the different packaging tapes and hot melt adhesives you should consider:

Acrylic Tapes

Acrylic tapes provide excellent temperature resistance (hot and cold). They are also resistant to oxidation, which is excellent for long-term storage. 

STA Economy Acrylic Tape—Suitable for sealing moderate-weight cartons that experience normal storage and shipping conditions. These tapes are non-yellowing, UV-resistant, and offer fiber-pulling adhesive with high-performance shear (flap-holding power) at an economical price point.

Vibac Acrylic Tape—A premium-grade acrylic tape for heavy packaging applications. This tape is extra tacky and provides exceptional adhesion. It works for extreme temperature ranges. It provides UV resistance, excellent clarity with no discoloration, and a long shelf life.

STA Industrial Acrylic Tape—Similar qualities as the STA Economy Acrylic tape but offers a higher range of durability and adhesive strength. This tape is best for more extreme temperature conditions, longer storage periods, and heavier-weight cartons.

Industrial Tapes

Industrial tapes are formulated for best application. They can handle extreme temperature ranges, UV resistance, and high-tack adhesiveness. FPS carries industrial tapes ranging from double-coated and tamper-evident security tape to duct and masking tapes.

Flatback Kraft Tape—This is packaging-grade paper tape that can be used for manual or automatic case sealing and splicing, along with general-purpose packaging applications. It provides excellent adhesion and strength, yet can be torn easily when desired.

Venom Reinforced Water-Activated Tape—This water-activated carton sealing tape is made with a starch-based adhesive. It has fiberglass reinforcement in the machine direction and polyester reinforcement in the cross direction for exceptional bonding, durability, and tamper-proofing. It is also eco-friendly and cost-effective.

QSPAC Strapping Tape—A great polypropylene strapping tape for securing pallets and packages. It is capable of stretching over 35 percent with strong holding power, snapping back to hold shifting loads tightly. 

QSPAC Masking Tape—This tape is made from crepe paper with a solvent-based natural rubber. The synthetic rubber adhesive makes it great for short-term packaging, bundling, holding, and splicing. It is versatile, eco-friendly, economical, and leaves no adhesion residue when removed.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt glues and tapes provide strong adhesion strength and flexibility. These are best for high-speed case and carton closure, as well as other assembly and manufacturing applications.

Hot Glue—Hot glue sticks, when paired with automated case forming and sealing equipment, enables you to lay down fast and precise beads of glue for sealing and assembly. It is a quick, strong adhesive that does not dry out. It does not damage the surface of the material and is ideal for rougher surfaces.

Vibac Hot Melt Tape—This hot melt packaging tape is best utilized for carton sealing, bundling, and splicing. It can also be used for other medium-to-heavy packaging applications. The conformable film backing is coupled with a consistent pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive coating for strong adhesion. It bonds instantly, holds permanently, shears easily, and is ideal for cold environments.

This is a rundown of some of the primary product lines we offer when it comes to tapes and hot melt adhesives you can use for your packaging and other applications. To find the best solutions based on your specific needs and budget, contact First Packaging Systems today.